wow this weekend was a hot one!
hottest temps we've had all summer.
we were starting to feel a little spoiled with summer weather in the 70-80's.

of course with the hottest weekend ever comes parades and soccer games!:/

janey and i walked with her girl scout troop and aubrey rode along with riley's soccer team while poor daddy walked. afterwards, we all came home and went straight for the shade darkened family room and just laid there under the fan!

then we headed to aubrey's soccer game. geesh! it was seriously like an oven. those poor little sweeties. they did call the game early at least!

i am on a reading incentive committee at aubrey's school and two other ladies and i are in charge of the display. can i tell you how excited i am about this little task! my mind is spinning with great ideas and i can't wait to get my hands on some bulletin board paper and a stapler again!

look at this

we aren't using it for this display but isn't it beautiful?!!!!!
AND i have that cute little butterfly punch...i'm thinking this would look great on the playroom wall near all our newly organized books!!

oh and i picked up my substitute packet on friday!!!
just typing those words makes my stomach do flips!
for countless reasons.
but that's a whole other story!!!:)

hope your weekend was a happy one,


  1. Sub packet... oh boy!!!! And that bulletin board with the butterflies... love love love.
    Stapler and bulletin board paper calling your name... love it!

  2. Subbing!?! EEEK! Can't wait to hear about that!

  3. Sub packet?? Tell us more...
    Super cute pictures!