{A Picnic with Pudding}

still a scorcher here.
but we didn't let that stop us from our tuesday lunch date with riley.
so happy that aubrey's half day schedule allows us to get to the big girls just in time for lunch.
another reason i know this half-day plan was meant to be.

we brought pudding and whipped cream.
perfect lunch dessert in my book.

as we were driving to the park aubrey said (emphasizing the P sound of course!) "we're having Pudding in the Park. let's go Park by the Picnic table Please"

we were all laughing and trying to think of as many ways to use the letter "p" on our picnic.

sorry...it's probably a "had to be there" kind of joke.
but it kept us laughing and it's just the type of little thing i want to remember three years from now...:)

then aubrey and i headed to our little library and home for a snuggle and between the lions. do you know between the lions? the best show ever for early learners in my opinion. i remember watching it every single day with the big girls when they came home for lunch in kindergarten. so sad they took it off the air...but thank goodness for newfangled smart tv's that have YouTube!

hope your day was perfectly pleasing in every way,

it was all about the letter "P" on today's show...precisely the way i planned it...:)

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  1. Picnic in the park and pudding... perfection!
    And way better than an looooong afternoon in Kinderland!
    Hey, I know that yellow dress! :)