{Long Weekending}

it was good.
it was hot.
but it was good!

funny how with fall approaching the temperatures are soaring.
funny how i'm waiting till wednesday to get my weekend posts done...and there's not many photos to speak of.
funny how there are not many photos to speak of and there are three, yes three photography books sitting here on my desk to read!:)

but let's get back to the hot photo-less weekend shall we!?:)

our neighborhood besties got a pool!
we had a pool when we lived in fl.  (we only lived there till riley was about a year and a half...and i would never get in unless it was 90 as dave likes to remind me...so i don't know if that even counts as having a pool!:))
but this kind of "having" a pool i rather like.

the girls did spend hours staring longingly across the street waiting to be invited waaaaaay to much...but that will pass i guess!:)
but remember i didn't take any photos this weekend so this is all you get!:)

it is still under construction as you can see but as soon as it was filled with water they were in!:)

sunday i got together with my girl friend to work on a reading incentive bulletin board for the kindergarten building. this is a big deal people! why is this such a big deal people? cause it's the first bulletin board i've made in yeeeeears! AND i'm trying to impress...i won't be shy about it...i want to work there someday! someday!!:)

so we crafted, the kiddos played and dave made veggie lasagna.
it was amazing!!

he also canned a ton of san marzano tomatoes he got from a friend. we are set with homemade sauce i think. but wait...homemade sauce turns into homemade pizza so maybe not!:)

::other random weekend moments::
family trip to target for new goggles and floaties
racing around town with jane for last minute craft supplies
all us girlies at the library
singing aubrey to sleep while her little legs kicking from what i'm sure was a swimming dream
homemade oatmeal cookies

hope your weekend was a wonderful one,


  1. legs kicking from a swimming dream while mama is singing... now that is paradise!
    all that other stuff is too... especially the lasagna!
    xoxoxo friend... that b.b. is gonna be awesome!

  2. Here in Florida it's crazy hot too - I don't go outside except to go running (very early in the morning…) and to work! ;) Sounds like you guys are having Florida-temperatures up there!

    I love the canned tomatoes and veggie lasagna, it all looks delicious! And canned vegetables and fruit always look so pretty. I know that's of secondary importance, but still, it's nice! :)

    Have a good week!

  3. Love your weekend, Cindy!
    Enjoy your lovely family and all that yummy food. : )

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me! Look at all those jars of yummy sauce!!

  5. Sounds like a super weekend! It was HOT here too! Dave's lasagna looks yummy...and even though I love to cook, I am always so envious that your husband is an awesome cook! I hope you we get to see your bulletin board when you are done..I know it will look fantastic! Thanks for you comment...I tried to reply but it was returned back to me...blogger is not my friend these days!
    Have a great week!

  6. I hear ya on everything here! :) We seem to be getting a final heat wave of summer. I hardly take any pictures anymore. Not sure why, but I have very few on my camera roll. I guess that's ok though. We are just savoring other parts of life!

    How fun that your friends have a new pool. I know you guys will enjoy that!
    I am dying for that lasagna and the sauce. YUM!


    ps. I agree with Kerri. Blogger is not user-friendly anymore.