you can tell by this first shot that our weather cooled off a bit.
yeah for that!
not crazy cool...yet.
but cool enough that we lit a fire and some of us needed a hoodie by the end. of if you're like me you needed it from the beginning.

we tackled a few small house projects.
cleaned out a few drawers and closets.

organized the girls fall clothes...and shopped for missing pieces. yes janey is growing out of everything!

had breakfast at panera and delivered a baby present to our sweet friend kellie jo.

mowed the lawn.
then mowed it again.
(darn that hay)

it was good.

hope your weekend was wonderful,


  1. You are beginning the time of year that I miss most--that chill in the air after warm days. Enjoy every second of it for me. After 19 years here, I still ache for fall. Every year.

  2. We did the fall clothing switch out too...
    Just for my Flynn...and I love it.
    Because I love Fall and Halloween clothes! : )
    The bigger kids? Suddenly, they stop growing! And they don't need new things every season! : )
    Have a wonderful week, my friend!