{Janey and Her New Flute}

janey has wanted to play flute since forever!
we have such an amazing music program in our schools.
the band teacher starts with them in 5th grade and then follows them all the way through high school! i love that. they build such a rapport and he's awesome too.

janey and i went on saturday to choose her instrument (the students were suppossed to come with two choices in mind in case one didn't work well for them)...but of course she only had one choice in mind. he let her play a note...which sounded beautiful on the first try...he looked at her long graceful fingers and those perfect lips and said..."you'll be a perfect flute player!" to say she was beaming was a HUGE understatement! i think she might have jumped up and down just a bit in the high school music room!:)

it took a few days for her flute to arrive.
getting her up for school that day was a piece of cake i might add.

anna can you see your skirt?...she wanted to channel your musical energy today!:)

that first note rang through the house.
we can't wait to hear more beautiful music janey!

we love you janey brooke


  1. Yay!!!!
    So happy for your girl, Cindy. : )
    I always loved the flute...
    But I ended up being a clarinet girl. Like someone else I know. : )

  2. She looks like a natural! Isn't it so exciting when our kids want to learn new things...I love it. I also love your house decor...it always look so fun! Also- love Janey's sweater...wish I had one like that! :)