{Aubrey :: Ballet One}

this has been a big week for our little one.:)
scoring two goals AND starting ballet class.

she has been counting the days for this moment...since like preschool!:) and it makes it even more special that her big sissie gets to come along.

i took all these shots with my camera lens pressed up against the two-way window. not the best, but a memory all the same.

i think janey is a close second on the excitement scale.
she has wanted to be a helper in a little girls ballet class since she was a little girl. guess this is just the perfect mix of sweetness and dreams come true all rolled up into one ballet class.

janey has two other dance classes during the week and she said by far this one is her favorite!:)

oh the expressions on her face in these two photos...so aubrey...and i so want to kiss her sweet cheeks and remember those looks forever!

janey stayed at the studio for her next class while aubrey and i went home. the house was quiet since daddy and riley were at soccer and i savored the evening with just my baby.
we made a special dessert to celebrate, marked the next dance day on her calendar and then counted the days until then. a few times.:)

you make a simply beautiful ballerina my love.

and that makes ME smile!

have a happy day,

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  1. I don't know what's cuter....Aubrey in her ballet outfit or Janey watching her? Love this!