this was a soccer weekend that's for sure.
saturday we watched aubrey smile and giggle across the field.
and still manage to get a goal in.
you can tell from the gloves and the sunshine that it was a beautiful weekend...perfect soccer watching weather too!

riley had her first two soccer games of the season on sunday.
she was so adorable the night before.
giddy with excitement about her first game and practically bouncing up and down in bed.
she woke up early to organize her soccer bag and clean her cleats.
she sure does love the game!

and she's good at it too.
which makes it even more fun to watch!!:)

...this was her favorite photo of the weekend...

a little harder and a little to the left and that baby just might have gone in.

dave tells her to be a pesky little fly when she's trying to win that ball. she's pretty good at that! ha

she won that one!!

a beautiful soccer weekend.
hope yours was wonderful too,


  1. A beautiful weekend indeed, Cindy!
    Don't you just love autumn weekends?
    Your girls look so sweet out there. : )
    We had Rhett's game yesterday...it was a crisp, sunny day.
    My favorite.
    Have a wonderful week, my friend!

  2. I don't know what's cuter, Aubrey in ballet outfit or Aubrey in soccer outfit. How great that she loves both!

    And I love how, in the previous post, you can tell Janey is so excited to be there at the dance studio with her sister.

    Riley looks like she is "kicking ass" at soccer…wow! Good thing the temperatures are going down; soccer in 60-70 degree weather is much more enjoyable than in the blasting heat…:)

  3. We had a weekend full of soccer as well between the three kids. I just wish we had a nice fall weekend it sure would have made sitting out there a little more enjoyable.

  4. Wish we could bring a blanket and watch one of those games! I love your pictures! And their smiles! Happy new week friend!