not so bad i guess.

bounced out of bed with a little extra pep in my step this morning. no sleeping in for me on my birthday...oh no, if there's ever a day you should take stock of yourself...what you need...and what you certainly should do without...today is the day.

so i headed down to the treadmill with a smile.
and some good tunes.

this one made me smile extra big today and i think it will be my theme song for the year. what do you think?

slid into bed with each of the girlies this morning for their rise and shine wake up. it's their favorite way to greet the day and i have to admit...when i slow down to do it each morning...i feel better too.

when i got to aubrey i said "this is one of my favorite moments of the day"...with her sleepy face, groggy voice and messy hair she rolled over and said, "i know, i know the other two are when you snuggle me at night and when you pick me up from school." i laughed out loud and said "now how do you know that?" to which she replied..."i just know you mom!"

after drop off i went straight to get my hair done. no more repeats of last year. oh no. i was covering those grays before the camera came out this year!

here's a very awkward selfie to prove i am gray-less and 47.
oh yes i am!

...ha i didn't even bother to un-do the seat belt on this one...

i scooped aubrey up at half day dismissal and we went straight to meet daddy for a thai lunch. same thing we did last year. i'm nothing if not predictable right?

later dave and aubrey worked on my requested cookie cake from meg

after the girlies got home we had a yummy dinner.
one of my faves...chicken tacos with all the homemade trimmings.

thank you baby for all the love and yummy goodness this year!
you really made the day special!

then it was present time.
i'm gonna  ask you in advance to ignore all the totally weird and silly expressions on my face! how does the camera manage to capture every dorky look? but if i left them out the girls would be like....."mom...where's the picture of my present/card/thing?"

gift wrapped necklace from homecoming parade and popsicle stick bookmarks

and here she wrapped up a mason jar with some of her candy and coins it...the tag said "a goodie jar for you":)

 not sure what's up with aubrey's expression here....

thank you everyone for all the sweet texts, phone calls and goodies this year. i really do have some amazing friends and family.

but my sweetest gifts on earth live right here!
here's to 47!
i'm gonna make it good!


  1. Happy Birthday, Cindy! Love the new haircut/color, it looks great.

    & Ha, the "silly" facial expressions aren't so silly…if you scroll through the photos fast it's like watching a movie in which you're unwrapping presents ;).

    I hope your day was as wonderful as it looks here! :)

    1. ha!
      now that's a good one...maybe it would make the silly faces at least laughable!!:)
      thanks for your well wishes bee
      have a beautiful day!

  2. Happy birthday beautiful friend! Love your new hairdo and you look GORGEOUS!
    I love this post, made me smile and really touched my heart. You have an amazing, and oh so sweet family!
    Here's to a wonderful 47th year!

  3. Happy Birthday Cindy!! You're beautiful! You and your husband have great skin. Lucky girls :)

  4. Cindy I can see that you had a wonderful day I do love the color. 47 isn't so bad,you do get better with age.I look forward to seeing you on mocha Day!

  5. Happy Birthday!! It looks like you had a wonderful day with your sweet family!!

  6. Looks like it was the perfect day! Love all of the girls expressions while you're opening! And oh the eating... it sure was a good eating day! So glad it was sweet as can be! xoxoxo tara

  7. Happy belated birthday Cindy! Looks like your special day was filled with so much love! Your pictures really captured that feeling....and you look beautiful in each and every one of them!