hi friends.
on paper this looked like a humdinger of a weekend.
packed to the brim with the planned and the sprung upon.
but i was determined to make it work and to find the little things buried in there.
little things to remember and to hold tight to.
little things to stop and notice.
little things to love.

baking muffins with aubrey while janey slept and daddy and riley drove an hour and a half away for an early morning soccer tournament. we had so much fun and laughed the whole way as we drove to the grocery store...twice!...for missing ingredients. we even had a few extra to wrap up with twine and share.


on our way to aubrey's last soccer game of the season and sadly daddy and riley had to miss it. we made sure to cheer extra loud.
she is fierce.
but dainty.
and if you look hard enough you can see a little ballerina on the field.

and the tongues out the whole time!!:)

 but it was hot! huh baby?

but your first shiny gold medal and a bag of cheese-its makes it all better right?

we loved watching you play aubrey! you always had a smile on your face and gave it everything you had! we can't wait till next season!


after lunch and a cool down janey went to a make-up dance class and aubrey and i headed to our little library. we spent one glorious hour together getting lost in books and puzzles.
no distractions besides the colorful pages and it was perfect.

every time we walk out of the library...come rain or shine...she says, "here mom, hold my books...i wanna balance on these rocks. watch me!"
sweet sweet sweet


did i mention our neighbors got a pool?
did i mention neighbors with a pool is pretty awesome?

it was a perfect fall that felt like summer evening.


rileys team played so well on saturday there was a possibility we could stay and play for the championship late sunday afternoon.

they made it...championship here we come!

we lost 2-1 in the final game.
but you wouldn't know it by these second place smiles.
this was one happy bunch!

 sorry i cut you off babe...

i guess they were on a winners high because after the trophy ceremony a lot of the players wanted to try their luck at the bungee jumping trampoline. of course my little daredevil and her copy cat little sister wanted to give it a try to.
i knew aubrey probably wouldn't go through with it...but sometimes it really is easier to let them get hooked up and figure that out on their own am i right? (janey on the other hand said very matter of factly..."no way!!":))

she took about two jumps then unharnessed and just jumped on the little tramp...which she can so handle! (I promise everyone...that really looks higher then it was...i was down low on the ground looking up!)

but this one...totally different story!

what a day.
what a weekend.

it was 6:30 and we were finally back in the car...ready for a quick dinner stop at barrel cracker (as aubrey calls it) then our long ride home.

here's jane and i enjoying a post dinner rock on the cracker barrel porch. i didn't take many pictures of this one over the weekend...but she was my bud! sunday was a loooooong (12 hour!) day for her and she managed to smile though most of it. sitting on the sidelines in the sun, cheering her big sister on, and keeping her little sister happy. thank you janey brooke. i love you my sweet!

it was a humdinger of a weekend that's for sure.
but we packed it with love and lots of memories.

hope your weekend was a happy one,

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