{Decorating the Tree}

the turkey is barely cleaned up and our three little elves are ready to haul all the Christmas decorations up from the closet. oh how i love this time of year. Christmas music ringing in the background. hearing the "oooohs and ahhhhs and remember this one?"  the scattered-ness as we jump from corner to corner putting out little pieces of memories and things we love. it really feels like Christmas now!

their favorite ornaments are their "baby ornaments".
and they always hang them side by side..:)

i think this smile was mainly due to not having to fight with Christmas lights on our pre-lit tree again this year...we ripped them all off and started all over! ugh. that wasn't such a joy...but it's done and next year should be even easier!!

oh the hanging of the star!
the most coveted of all Christmas decorating jobs.:)
janey likes to turn anything into a production so she always feels the need to walk the star in on a pillow!
silly girl:)

nice job baby!

three sister gifts were the first ones under the tree.
i love my girls and their love!

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