{Twelve and a Half}

oh wait...just typed that title...are we seriously talkin 13 this summer??
wait what??
oh my sweet angel....where has the time gone?

6 months old and the light of our life...with our furry one cody a close second!:) this was actually our first christmas card photo...boy have times changed!!:)

now you're reading the devotional to us at night.




so loved.

 this was the perfect book for you this year baby.
you love being happy and a daily dose of goodness is just the thing to make you smile.

thanks for requesting key lime pie.

i love this one...why wasn't the focus better...

oh, and this one.

guess it was a yummy hit!:)

thank you riley for being such a blessing.
you are kind and smart and gentle and loving and your sweetness is infectious!
i am so blessed to be your mommy!


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  1. So not important but I love your hair on this day Riley! And that first family picture... priceless. Man I wish we knew each other back then. I was a stay at home for at least 7 years before I knew there was this awesome blog world! Let's see... if Riley was 6 months there (that December) then Anna was almost born. I still had two years of teaching after that picture waiting for Anna but if I knew you then I would have been hanging out and asking you a million how to questions! Share more oldies... please!!!