{Five and a Half}

i was the lucky one who got to see the half birthday girl first.
even before the sun came up on this wintery day.
and we had breakfast together.
and she had nutella.
and i wanted to kiss it right off those lips...i did ya know.
but i snapped a picture first!

it was her snack day at school today and she wanted to bring pretzel rods dipped in chocolate to celebrate. (aren't you so happy when they pick something you love too!!:)) i was lucky enough to pop in for the songs and fun!

her dinner of choice that night was bagels.
from panera.
just like last year.
she's predictable that's for sure.
think she gets that from me?!?!:)

and she stood up on her chair while we sang the same songs they sang to her at school. and she smiled ear to ear. oh how i love that smile!

 book time

(she's holding back a yawn...must have been that early morning wake-up!;))

and no i just could NOT crop out those baby toes...

i love her face the moment she figures out what book it is...

...baby toes again...

dessert time

home made cookies with m&m's and mint ice cream in the middle.
she is soooooo my daughter.

that must have been one big time important wish...


we love you so much dear sweet aubrey.
thank you for shining your light on us.

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