{4 and a Half}

my sweet and spunky tender hearted little aubrey.

where oh where did the time go?
and how on earth can you be 4 1/2?

you love to help in the kitchen from making your own lunches to helping daddy with dinner. you love all things pretty. dresses and skirts with fancy tights, bows and headbands in your hair and dress up dresses with clip cloppy shoes. a true princess for sure.

your dinner of choice was...you guessed it...a bagel from panera with "pream cheese". daddy even duplicated the drink for you.

my heart is so full seeing all that sisterly love!

"happy half birthday to you!"

oh these classic aubrey faces...i want to kiss every. single. one!

the lemon cookies were perfect nicolle, thanks!:)

we sure do love you sweet baby girl!


  1. You are one amazing mommy, my friend!
    With some precious little ladies and a super cute hubby that cooks amazing food...
    You got it going on! ; )

  2. Happy four and a half Aubrey!!! Glad mommy caught those classic faces!

  3. Adorable pictures of Aubrey!! Looking so grown up in a couple of those pics, going to be a beautiful young lady when she is older too, daddy better watch out for those boys!! But let's not think that far ahead, enjoy her while she is little and all of her cute little faces :)