{11 and a Half}

oh how we love you riley.
and oh how amazed we are at the young lady you are becoming.

so strong and confident.
with a get 'er done attitude.:)

your heart, your spirit and your mind amaze us daily.
and that's the truth.:)

you love to clean and organize and are the first one there with me for a good house project.
crafting and creating makes you happy.
from rainbow loom to duct tape to drawing and painting...you love to make beautiful things.
i think we should learn how to knit next...want to?!?!:)
fancy hair styles? you can do them all.
there's not a tutorial our little visual learner can't watch and master...in a snap!:)

you are the "leader of the sisters" and i know sometimes that can be tough...but all it takes is a patient smile and a kind word from you and things are right again.:) your sisters look up to you ...they really, really do.

to say you love to read is an understatement...inhale the written word is more like it. lately you have been choosing thrillers loaded with action and an occasional realistic fiction sprinkled in for fun. you told me yesterday you wanted to be a lawyer or a photographer...maybe both. i know whatever you do in life it will be amazing and passion filled.


a book

a favorite dinner
lemon chicken with mashed potatoes

silly whipped cream girls

silly riley :)

 "happy, happy half birthday to you"

make a wish

finally....that angel food cake with strawberries!:)

 we paused a bit to put aubrey to sleep then played your game of choice.
a thrilling nail-biting game of choice...of course!:)

such a classic nervous riley look...

you ended victorious!:)

happy half birthday sweetheart!
 we hope you feel our love and carry it with you everywhere.

we love you so very much baby!

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  1. Riley is your mini-me Cindy!! More so than the other girls I think anyway :) Twelve is just around the corner!! Are you in disbelief?