{Trimming the Tree}

we didn't waste any time this year.
as usual.
it looked like Christmas soon after the turkey leftovers disappeared.
we are quick to decorate...but quick to take it down too.
that's just how we roll:)

aubrey said "i want to hang my fancy ornament next to yours...like mommys and babies!"
we have all our ornaments divided into four bags which makes decorating easy.
everyone just grabs their bags (daddy and i share of course) and gets to work.
helps when it's time to take the tree down too.

this year's ornaments hanging all together....and out of focus!:(

it was aubreys' turn to put the star on this year.
this was comical to say the least!!
this is gonna be a funny video to watch in a few years!!:)
we did it!!:)

i have to say the illumination fairies were not very kind to us this year.
that has lights on it went kaput this year...from the lights outside to the lights on our tree.
poor dave!
throw in a day a half killer migraine for me and getting the whole house ready seemed to drag
on and on and on and on...
but we pulled it together and got it looking holiday happy.
no new pictures, but you  can see what it looks like here...pretty much the same.:)
have you trimmed your tree and decked your halls yet??
have a happy day,


  1. Looks sweet, Cindy!
    Now sit back and enjoy it! : )

  2. Ha, those pictures of Aubrey putting the star on are fantastic! So funny.

    I also love the pictures in your previous entry, where they open their Christmas ornaments. Such great facial expressions :). Your house looks very cozy.

    Enjoy the holidays! (I'm almost done - last week! Woohoo!)

  3. That's so funny Cindy... I thought of saying that (if you want to see what my house looks like just look back here... pretty much the same) Hey, we love what we love!

    I KNEW you were going to give Janey that Harry Potter Ornament. Awesome! And the Cinderella castle, gave that to Anna. So pretty.

    Sorry to hear about your migraine; hope you're feeling better! xoxo tara

  4. Hi friend! Everything looks beautiful. We have those light bulb woes almost every year too. What really gets me is when we check them all first and they are working, and then Kevin hangs them on the house and a few don't work. Weird! I love that you separate the ornaments into 4 bags. That is a great idea. We put our stuff up the weekend of Thanksgiving, but Kevin goes by the whole 12 days of Christmas, which start on Christmas Day, so we always have our stuff up until the 5th at least. I'm always happy to put it all out, but ready to put it back in the attic too! xo

  5. Hi! Miss you!
    Hope all is well...and loved your Christmas card!!!!
    Merry Christmas. : )

  6. Hi Cindy,
    I hope all is well with you and your family. Usually a blog-absence is a good thing: it just means that too many exciting things are happening from day-to-day to catch up! So I hope that's the case for you too :). Just wanted to drop a note and say hi.
    Oh and happy (belated) new year!