{North Carolina:: a Wedding and a Visit}

this little trip seems like forever ago...
that's how things seem to be rolling around here lately.:)
waaaaay back in october we had an amazing mini vaca in north carolina for a dear friends wedding.
so good to see old friends and enjoy some beautiful fall weather. and it was close enough to ga that my parents came over to meet us for lunch. how perfect was that?

we ate at a highly yelp recommended little hole in the wall bbq restaurant and it was gooooooood! hard to rate restaurants when dave usually blows them all away...but it was still yummy!:)

ashville is such a cool town to walk around and the weather was picture perfect.

bye mimi and poppy...time to get dressed up now.:)

the wedding was at a beautiful old bed and breakfast. we all stayed there for the night which made it even more fun.

after the wedding we headed to our friend lisa's house for a few days. so bummed i didn't get any pics of their beeeeeautiful home tucked into the picture perfect boone mountains surrounded by trees!  truly spectacular!
our girls had so much fun together...being silly, playing games, and of course a few rounds of flashlight hide n seek with lots of shrieks and giggles.

then we went up to their ski resort for a total family adventure...zip lining!!:)
we rocked it!!
even aubrey!

highly trained and sweet as pie guide riding tandem with aubrey...

thanks for an amazing adventure...we'll definitely be back!:)

peace out,


  1. Love this! You all looked beautiful for the wedding and the bride looks SO happy :).

    And hey, guess what…I'm getting married next year…in Asheville, North Carolina! Not making this up. We were just there to plan things actually (in November). Not at the same venue, but still…funny. We love it there, too! :)

    & Ziplining…ah, it looks so much fun! I've been wanting to do that too, but it's a bit pricey for us graduate students ;). Maybe in a couple of years. I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourselves!

    1. hi bee...so sorry it has taken me so long to reply! things have been a bit "full" here lately ( i despise the word busy!:))
      getting married in asheville!!!!! first, big CONGRATS to you and second, how funny is that! it sure was beautiful which i'm sure you already know!! hoping your special day will be just amazing!!
      have a happy day and merry christmas!!!!!:)

    2. No worries, Cindy, having a "full" life is a good thing! :) Thank you, we very much look forward to getting married there. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas, and have a wonderful 2015!

  2. What a beautiful Inn... I'm so glad that you got the chance to stay there. I loved seeing the photos of the girls dancing the night away at the reception. Picture perfect setting. Oh how I love a fall wedding! We were a summer couple but fall is gorgeous!