{Winter Concerts}

oh there is nothing quite like a winter concert.
everyone bundled up.
nerves racing.
dashing quickly to and from the car dodging the flurries.
and winter concerts also always mean school is almost out for Christmas!!

riley and nicolina her bff clarinet buddy since 5th grade!

i wonder what she was saying here...??:)

riley had a speaking part in the chorus part of the show and she rocked it!

janey's show came later...

can you see that nervous "come on mom hurry up i'm gonna be late" look on janey's face!!:) and can i just say aubrey looks like an angel in this shot!!!

keep making music girls!!
we love it!

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  1. Riley, your sweater is oh so pretty and perfect for a winter concert. And Janey... I love how your eyes were right on the conductor! Great job girls! Music is beautiful!