anyone still there?
we are.
i promise.:)

we have been living life and filling our moments with picture worthy things...but none of them seem to make their way here. and for that...i take full responsibility!:) being the chief photo taker and blogger can be hard work don't ya know.
especially when you've gone back to work.
kind of.

yep...i'm subbing here and there.
mostly days when dave can take off the afternoon to be with aubrey (she's only half day k remember?) but i' averaging a few days a week and for a mama who has been home full time for 12+ years that's an adjustment!!
but it's all good and we are makin it work!!:)
and guess what...it's fun!!
and i love it!!
especially when i'm in a kindergarten class!
no surprise there right??
my first love and my job for over 13 years!!
i'm hoping to see a classroom of my own again someday.
but for now...this is about all i can handle!!
a juggler of many hats i never claim to be!!:)

this was my very first day of work.
such big hugs and kisses right?!:)

catching up on posts and photos.
and hope to visit all my dear sweet bloggy friends soon!!:)
have a happy day,

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