two little ballerinas and a read aloud at lunch
best treat ever
first pho of the season
my reading incentive bulletin board...and a helper
playing librarian is cool
sisters again...lunch time picnics...with above mentioned best treat ever
where did all that grass go??:(

snuggling up with one of our favorite books ever
birthday love notes
waiting in pick-up line snuggles
 funny selfies on my phone (bored at soccer!)
lunch time picnics
aubrey's open house...signing in
pete the cat
and a beautiful sunset that evening

"can't catch me"
blanket, book, water and "lip stuff"
fashionable and ready for soccer...1, 2, and 3
trudge, trudge, trudge through that parking lot
finally changed spring chalkboard to fall!:) haha

diggin this hobby lobby sign
stuck in a three hour hwy traffic jam in ky on the way to nc
janey with my childhood bff
pretty smiles
pumpkin patch (more to come....)
we read some amazing books in the pick-up line
three princesses...melt my heart
crisp fall days...my favorite.

have a happy day,


  1. I am always so happy to see you here, Cindy!
    Please don't go away again!
    I am excited for your new adventure!
    Do you teach Aubrey's class, or at her school?
    Your posts always make me happy. : )

  2. I love all the pictures in this post. Seriously. It's impossible to be like "that picture of so-and-so is my favorite," because they're all my favorite :). The reading sign/bulletin board you made looks so good! That must have been fun to put together. And ok, if I have to pick ONE picture…I love the one of Aubrey writing her own name! That's awesome.

    PS. How exciting that you started teaching again! Subbing seems like a good way to slowly ease back into a teaching job :).

    1. thanks bee!
      i guess we have been away awhile with all the pics i had to catch up on!!:)
      thanks for coming back to visit!
      it means a lot!!:)

      and yes subbing is kind of perfect...maybe my full time career?!?!:) haha

  3. You oldest daughter Riley is Beautiful!!!