thanksgiving has to be my worst photographed holiday.
not sure why, but i never seem to capture the love in pictures.:(

we awoke early to yummy smells...dave up bright and early cookin away...warm pumpkin bread for breakfast.

macys day parade on.
girls in the kitchen...riley making cranberry compote, aubrey making crescent rolls and jane making mashed potatoes...(i think i missed jane's pic last year too..:(!) 

 and daddy wrapping it all up!
wow...what a spread and if you could just taste it...

my view as i cleaned up...jane reading christmas books to aubrey, ma and riley playing scrabble and dave napping...:)

thanks for visiting ma.
thanks for the fun and the puzzles and the endless playing!
we miss you and love you!

late night backseat hot chocolate snuggles to see christmas the lights.

 Christmas time is here!!!!!!!


  1. Love!
    What amazing memories and traditions your girls will have!
    Hope you are enjoying the season. : )

  2. Looks yummy and I'm so glad that you had a special family guest!