today i tried to stay home and tackle the house.
fresh sheets.
and do a little xmas shopping via the computer.
about 85% success with my list for the day.
pretty good i guess.

scooped aubrey from school.
made a yummy lunch together then scooped up the big girls two hours early.
we grabbed a bagel and headed to the library.

these bonus middle of the week library days with all three girls make me oh so happy.

jane returned her new favorite book (yes she kissed it goodbye before putting it in the slot...only my sweet jane) and we walked out with 67 new books to read. yes. i said 67! what can i say...we have a book problem!

mac n cheese and fruit for dinner (daddy's out of town)
snuggles by the fire.
giant floor puzzles all over the place and ice cream for dessert.

pretty good wednesday in my book.

have a happy day friends,


  1. Sounds good to me!
    And thanks. Now I have to go do my bathrooms.
    Ugh. ; )

  2. Loving that picture of Janey!