{Little Things :: Aubrey}

mondays can be crazy around here.
three girls.
5 dance classes.
janey-3...and she doesn't get home till 9.

squeeze in dinner and shuttling to and fro and the garage door seems like a revolving one at a big city hi-rise!

...but there is beauty in the little things...
...if you look for it...

...riley making magic with her braided buns...

...plies with sparkly pink Christmas leg warmers...

...wearing your sister's fancy fringed poncho with blue paint on your nails from todays creations...

...delivering better late then never Christmas gifts to a previously out of town dance teacher...

...stretching for one last kiss...

see any beauty in the little things today?

have a beautiful night,


  1. Nicely done with the pictures! Love the up close look and the reminder to look for the beauty in the chaos. Lovely

  2. Yes there is beauty in the little thing but you must look for it..I am trying to remind myself that daily..
    Happy New Year!