last night we got some snow!
the girls were all praying for a snow day...but sadly...no such luck! this was our view on our snowy lunch date ride with riley through the park.

one of the best things about the snow is the quiet.
can't get enough of that.

aubrey couldn't get enough of it either.
the snow that is!

we lasted about 30 minutes before the cold got the best of us.

  and if the day wasn't perfect enough...look at this sunset!

we have -3 as a high tomorrow and -27 windchills at 8 am...
you read that right!

stay warm friends!


  1. Yup... pretty as it is... 30 minutes is just about enough time for me too! Looks like a fun day... it's always feels good to get some sunshine and fresh air and it looks like you got both!

  2. Snow here too...but man, is it cold!
    You score major Mommy points for going out!!!
    I won't be sharing these pics with my little lady! ; )

  3. She is growing up so fast! That sunset is gorgeous and as for the snow and cold I have too much here, lol. I'm ready to move to Florida! Happy New Year!


  4. Your snow pictures are so good Cindy! My favorite is Aubrey on her belly! We haven't had snow yet but we have our first 2hr delay today because of the windchill. (I'll take it! :) I need to learn how to take pictures in the snow.....actually I need to learn how to use my slr that I've had for 3 years now! Maybe I should make that a goal this year!
    Happy New Year!!