Eleven Months

I am 11 months old today!
Can you believe it?  I know my mommy and daddy can't!
Look at the good morning kisses I got today!
Mommy was a tad bit over joyed...I slept 12 hours last night!!
Yeah me!

I love to talk and I can understand a lot you have to say to.
 like "where's dada?"  
and I love to crawl to this window and look outside when you ask me to find the doggies and birdies!

in fact this window is one of my very favorite places to be and it 
always makes me smile

I just started this...

I love to pull up on my mommy and she always picks me up!

I love to clap
and if you clap a long and say "Yeah Aubrey"
I will clap even more

oh and I love being outside too
so much to look at

I found two new yummy things to eat
graham crackers and

I love this little toy
it makes music and talks to me when I touch it
not quite sure why it says "Red, Jello, Green, Blue"
but it makes everyone laugh

oh Hi!

There goes my mom again...taking pictures of my feet

she's just plain silly sometimes

Well...I guess that is all for now

see you next month
don't I get cake or something then??


  1. super cute! thanks for stopping by my blog! you have a beautiful family.

    enjoy your weekend!

  2. My kind of girl Aubrey...loving the outdoors, watermelon and graham crackers...my favorite snack!

  3. I love the pictures of Audrey by the window, so very sweet! Happy 11 months!