Legos and Chit Chat

yesterday the girls spent a lazy late start morning with some Legos.
they were playing so well together and "Filling Each Other's Buckets" along the way
I loved  listening to the things they were saying and tried to jot some of them down

"I love our house Janey don't you?"

"You make the house I'll make the back porch."

"Uh Oh, I think one just fell down the air vent!"

"Look how pretty our garden is so far Riley!"

"My house looks so awesome...I made it all from my mind"
"How about we add a window...no it's too delicate"

"Let's move it up to a high place and pretend we are eating at a cafe".

"Wasn't this the best???!!!"

most days these two are the bestest of friends
I hope they always have that special love for each other

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