Mother's Day Weekend

In our home, any good holiday deserves a weekend...not just a day!  So Mother's Day weekend started Friday (oh....and Friday is part of the weekend in our house too!).  
Here is a  recap of our little holiday!

I spent Friday morning following this little sweetie around.

We call her the "emptier"!

It doesn't matter what she is sitting in front of...a basket of books, blocks, toys, shoes...she takes them out one by one and tosses them every so gracefully to the side as she reaches for another.

Then I scurry over to fill the baskets back up so she can do it again.

We do this little dance many times a day. :)
But who's counting!

After picking up Janey from school, we decided to go out for one of these. 

Have you tried McDonald's new shakes lately?  Very surprisingly creamy and quite yummy.

Aubrey only got a graham cracker.

but I guess she was pretty happy with that!?:)

Later I found Janey's in the fridge with this note on it

I guess she knows me pretty well!!:)

We had a few extra snuggle moments on the sofa and a little fun trying to take pictures of ourselves...

While Aubrey was asleep I was enjoying a quiet moment...reading this fantastic book...
(a must have if you ask me!)  
Janey was in the basement working away on "something".  
She came up later with this 
beautiful painting!!!

"I love mom"
My heart melted!

She worked so hard  all on her own to create this little masterpiece.
I love it and you sweet Janey Brooke!

You would think it was Christmas around here...when Riley got home both of them were so filled with giddy excitement! They scurried to other rooms to plot and plan and show each other their gifts.  I think they have almost as much fun as I do on this weekend!

Dave came home Friday with CHOCOLATE!!!  I have been trying so hard to keep the sweet stuff out of the house lately, but I had to give-in...it is Mother's Day after all!

Dave and I were sitting on the floor with Aubrey enjoying a "yeah...it's Friday" moment when the girls came down COMPLETELY ready for dance....showered, dressed, hair done and shoes in hand!  Now that is a true Mother's Day gift!  Not having to even ask once...!  
My sweet little girls are growing up so fast! Riley, when did you get old enough to put your own hair in a pony-tail, let alone a bun and do your sister's??? Amazing!:)

Saturday morning we decided to get Panera bagels to bring home.  Usually Dave goes to pick those up, but today I got to :)!!  The early morning drive alone was heaven!  It gave me a chance to call my mom and catch up.  I think I must have driven a little slower then usual because when I got home this is what greeted me at the garage door...

...no kidding...I guess they were a little hungry!

The girls had birthday parties and Girl Scout
trips to the ballet so Saturday Dave and I had a little lunch date!
Thai take-out while Aubrey napped...yum!

The big day was finally here and our little early riser
had us up at 6!!  Like I said...you would think it was Christmas, 
because sissy 1 and sissy 2 were not far behind.  
"Happy Mother's Day" 
rang through the house at 6:15!!  

Daddy made us delicious chocolate chip scones!

We got the recipe from Elizabeth.
Boy were they YUMMY!!!

I received some pretty amazing treasures this Mother's Day...
candles, bath goodies, homemade cards, picture frames, paintings, 
poems, chocolate, chore coupons and new Crocs 

We spent Sunday being together, shopping, and enjoying a wonderful dinner
and decadent dessert with friends.
It was a truly wonderful day...

...spent with my three little sweeties!
{And my one big sweetie who did all the work and cooked amazing meals...as usual!}

I have many thoughts on this very special day...
I am thinking of my own amazing mom who taught me so much about what good mothering is!
She is forever an example of living life to the fullest and enjoying everyday!

I am thinking of my daughters!  I love you more then words can ever describe!  Being a mom is the most important thing in my life and I am so glad God choose me to be your mommy!  I hope you feel my love every day and know that you mean the world to me.

I am thinking of all the women out there missing their moms, missing their children, wishing they were a mom, loving sick children or dealing with loss on this day.  My heart and prayers go out to you.

~Happy Mother's Day~


  1. With tears in my eyes! What a beautiful post! It looks like you had an amazing weekend! And those scones look amazingly yummy! I'm thrilled your hubby made those for you! You go!That is awesome! As I read your thoughts for Mothers Day oh my goodness! Beautiful!
    Blessings to you and your family!

  2. What a wonderful mothers day weekend! I'm loving the note on the shake. That's how we roll too. :)

  3. Beautiful post Cindy!! Being a mommy just melts your heart! ;) Love those scones!! must go hop over there to peek at the recipe!

  4. WOW! The tears are flowing. What a great post!!!

  5. Happy Late Mother's Day! It sounds like it was a great one. Cute photos!

  6. I'll try again...I know I left a comment...I must have neglected to type in that little "code word"...I loved and still love being your mommy! YOU are the most amazing mom...so patient and loving.