Not Your Ordinary Friday

One of the things I love most about being a stay at home mom, is the flexibility I have to attend a lot of the girls special school activities.  (having a wonderful hubby who comes home to watch Aubrey so I can go helps too...thanks babe!;) )  My heart goes out to all those moms who work outside the home, who would love to go to more things, but just can't!  On Friday I went with Janey and her class on a field trip to a great park nearby.  We were searching for frogs and other pond life.  It was so peaceful to walk around and hear the birds chirping and be right. smack. dab. in the middle of nature for an hour or more!  I love outdoor field trips, especially the ones where the kids have to be quiet to sneak up on what they are looking for..something about 20 kindergartners tiptoeing through the mud that can make anyone smile!
{fast moving very blurry action shot during a game of catch that fly!}

I wish I had gotten better pictures or had someone take a picture of us :(
But I did get this one...

can you see that bullfrog hiding in there....?

After the field trip I rushed to Riley's school to meet Dave, gave him a quick kiss goodbye, nursed Aubrey in the parking lot and then got ready for Riley's "Bring a Friend to Lunch Day" at school! 
Again, a beautiful middle-of-the-day-moment spent outside with my girls!

{We do not typically have Doritos and Cheetos for lunch...
it was a special picnic after all...
thanks for packing our yummy lunch sweetie!}

Looks like Aubrey enjoyed hers too!

burying a collection of special sticks they found

good-bye hugs!
{Notice the bubble blowing practice going on!?}

What really touched me most about that day was that with all of her friends around calling her to play, Riley choose to play with her sister!  She really included her in everything, took her with her everywhere and just spent time with her, JUST HER!   She made Janey feel so special that afternoon and I am again reminded how much I love these three little girls of mine! I hope they will grow-up to be the best of friends!


  1. what a great post...i love the sister love that is happening...so cute!

    thanks for stopping by again! so nice of you!

  2. Yay for your adorable girls!! Seriously they are so cute. I'm sure they were thrilled for you to visit!

  3. Janey...how I so want a Cheeto!