{Mother's Day Glimpses}

Hope your weekend was extra special and filled with love!
I know mine was.
My day started with breakfast in bed.
Of course I had already been up for about 2 hours, showered and all , but I jumped back in 
for the morning fun.
My breakfast was so yummy and made with such love.
When the girls saw how fun breakfast in bed can be, they asked daddy for a turn...and being the wonderful super awesome guy that he is....he provided just that.
So here we are...my three littles....and a few Squinkies!

ahhh...the suspense...


the homemade goodness and love was overflowing
I am so truly blessed by this little family of mine

after a day of being together I was treated to a scrumptious dinner,
but then again, they all are rather scrumptious in this house.:)

After dinner we headed outside for some fun.

I love being a mom. I felt a calling as a teacher, but I know right now, this is the place I am meant to be. Home with these three. Our days are not always easy, there is not always smiles, but there is always love.

Happy Mommy's Day to my own mom who is out hiking on the AT.
Being adventurous as usual!
I love you!

you can read about our last mother's day here 

have a happy day,


  1. looks like you had a fun and relaxing Mother's day

  2. I can always feel the love in your house! Your family is precious.

  3. Love it! What a great day! They all look so happy to surprise you!

  4. Looks like a perfect day! :-)

  5. aw, cindy, it looks like a perfect mother's day: filled with love love love!!

  6. Cindy, looks like you had the perfect Mother's Day. Happy day to you! I love what you said aboutfeeling a calling to be a teacher but being just where you're supposed to be right now. I can so relate! Enjoy your Tuesday! Thanks for sharing, tara

  7. Total sweetness Cindy! I love that you got the royal treatment and got your picture taken! Happy Mother's Day!

  8. You have such a beautiful family Cindy!

  9. Oh, I love this post and the photos. Especially the third one down, of your gifts and the girls in the kitchen. You can just see how proud they are of the precious gifts they made for you. How sweet!!!!

    I've never had breakfast in bed. Maybe one day?! :)

  10. your mom is out hiking on the AT?!?! how FABULOUS!!! and i am totally crushing on those little stripey jammies... i am not sure what i am going to do when i don't have a babe in those little footie jammies with a big tummy... :)happy momma's day!!

  11. This was one of the nicest Mother's Day posts I read. Lucky girls!

  12. Happy Mother's Day Cindy!! Looks like a great one!! You are a terrific mom!! :)

  13. What is it about these babies in our lives growing up? She looks so big in this post!