{This and That}

well...another 10 on 10 came and went and guess what?
i never got my pics done
anyone surprised??
i'm not!:)

let's see...i managed a few and then the events,
the happenings
the mishaps
the love
of the day took over and here i sit with a few miscellaneous pics and tons of random thoughts

so here we go....
aubrey is talking like crazy these days
some of my favorites are
"strawbees and bluebluies"

oh and "thanks mom"

we have two wonderful teachers this year
we thanked them on tuesday with some gerber daisy goodness
i love gerber daisies don't you?

i can never and i mean never get on the computer when aubrey is awake
if i can squeak out a second i have to stand and lean over the keyboard or she climbs in my lap and
up on the desk and
into the cabinet.
i tried bringing up an old keyboard for her to play with
didn't work

do you know our alarm goes off at 4:25!
is that crazy or what??
we workout for an hour and then dave gets ready and heads to work and then i get ready before the girls wake up around 6:45-7:00
i have had this crazy schedule (except when babies were small, someone is sick or company is in town) since before i was married
dave became a morning person, much to his dismay, by default
if you ever want to call me it is never too early but don't dare call after 9 cause we are out!!

riley had to do a time-line of her life for school
it was a lot of fun and she did an amazing job
looking through old pictures and finding the ones of her holding her new sisters brought me to tears at least 5 times....dear Lord, how we want one more....

feeling hungry?
dave made the most amazing healthy dinner tonight
veggies and fish steamed in a foil pack on the grill
loved it and
the clean-up was perfect

so there you have it
a little bit of this and that
brought about by a failed 10 on 10 attempt
maybe next month....

have a happy day,


  1. I'm the opposite Cindy. I stay up until midnight, and get up at 7 while the kids are eating their breakfast. I workout after I drop them off at school. I HATE getting up early! I've always wanted to be a morning person, but I'm definitely not. Aubrey's looking so big!

  2. That dinner looks yummy!!!
    I always forget 10 on 10, always.
    My hubs gets up at 4:25 also. Me. , I get up at 5. Early mornings are the best. .

  3. I LOVE Gerber daisies!! I totally cry when I look at baby pictures. They are just growing up waaaay too quickly!

  4. p.s. I am so impressed that you get up so early to exercise!!!! you are so good!

  5. looks like things are going well. I don't think I could function getting up at 4:25... kudos to you!

  6. oh cindy i can't believe this - I just spent a long time writing a very long comment - full of questions and support ... and then when i hit publish it took me back to the blogger login page and crashed on me as i was signing in ... and i see here that my comment didn't post :( and i'll be darned if i can remember anything i said either :(:( booooo!

    i'm feeling your same distress - May gets so full and overwhelming, doesn't it?! wish i could get off the train like you suggested and take that weekend off ... but ... sigh ... reality says no ... onward ho, right?!

    curious about what workout you're doing - is it a dvd or a stationary machine? i used to do a pilates workout from 6-7 before the girls woke, but it's been over a year since i left that behind in favor of things like laundry/computer/etc ... double sigh ...

    ok, let's see if THIS comment posts successfully ... grrrrr, blogger, I curse you ...

  7. I am a morning person, and an early riser, but 4 am just might do me in! :) Way to go for getting up that early AND working out. I am impressed! Your music and your pictures always make me smile when I come here.

    Praying and hoping for that one more that you so desperately want! :)

  8. By the way, the dinner looks delicious, and I'm not even really a fish person! AND, I totally remember that stage with Boyd....I could never ever be on the computer when he was awake. He wanted in my lap and to hit the keyboard the whole time. I understand!

  9. 4:25????!!!!! I was stuck on that I couldn't even read the rest. 4:25, really? I so wish I had that in me. I could get so much done if I got up then! You've inspired me. Tomorrow I'm trying for a half hour earlier than usual. Let's see...

  10. Those toesies on the keyboard kill me! LOVE Gerbera daisies, but I can't deal with the fact that they're annuals. Why, oh, why can't they be perennials?

    So...is there another bundle of joy in your future??!!? :)

  11. Such sweet pictures! That fish meal looks delicious! Are you going to try for a little boy? ;-)
    It just goes too quickly doesn't it?
    Have a great afternoon!


  12. The grilled fish looks great. I remember my kids doing those time lines. Cute!

  13. WHAT?? Did I read that right? You and your hubby get up at 4:25 to workout for an hour? Holy smokes! That's some dedication right there! Good for you guys!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE The teeny toes on the keyboard!!