i was so excited to be able to go on the chicago trip with the fourth graders this year.
i went to indy with them last year and that was a blast, but chicago....well it's chicago ya know!

5:30 am was our school meeting time.
riley loved that i got to wake just her up early.
janey...not so much.
she wanted me to wake her up too so she could get in bed with daddy.
i told her good mommies don't wake their sleeping children up unless they absolutely have to.
she didn't like that answer one bit.

this is the note riley left on the island for her sissies.

we rode a school bus to indy.
the charter bus made this trip all the sweeter.

i only used my phone to take pictures.
i wanted to stare around in awe and snap a ton.
but having to keep your eyes on wandering 4th graders in the big city will scare that right outta ya!

our first stop was the museum of science and industry.
we have to visit this place again as a family.
amazing doesn't even begin to describe it.

we only had a short time here and a big chunk of it was unfortunately spent in the gift shop :)
and in line for the flight simulator...a must on every fourth graders list.:)
please visit this place with your family if you can.

wanna hear my crazy museum story??
i took my group to the restrooms and while i was washing my hands i see these 3 little ones i totally recognize waiting by the sink. you know that feeling when you are searching for the connection but you can't find it. you know these faces but they are totally in the "wrong place". then it hit me!!! my bloggy friend lauren! she steps out of the stall (sorry lauren) and i was like OH MY GOODNESS LAUREN!!!  i had that momentary thought of what if she doesn't recognize me...but she did and we hugged and did the "this is crazy" thing! she is just as beautiful and sweet in person as i knew she would be and i so wished we had run into each other on a different day and time.  i really wanted to chat.

so...moral of the story...visit the museum and don't forget to check out the bathrooms...you never know who you might meet.

our next stop was the buckingham fountain for lunch.
the weather was so gorgeous that day.
we ate, ran off steam and tried not to signal the birds.

are you humming the song from married with children??;)

we jumped on the bus for a drive down michigan avenue on our way to the architectural boat tour.

the tour was over an hour long and extremely interesting.
a lot of history about the chicago fire and how it changed the landscape of the river and brought about the chicago we know today.
my dad would have loved it.

next stop willis tower.

wow was all i could manage.
that and crazy!

look down...
the willis tower is over 1450 feet high with 110 stories.
tallest building in the western hemisphere.
(nicolle would this freak you out!?!?:))
the elevator was freaky fast.
but i guess it would have to be right?

we finally headed to the bus for our long rush hour drive home.
it was such a wonderful adventure packed day.
and i'm so thankful i got to be a part of it.
i cannot wait to get back to that city.
but next time with just us.:)

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. a hubby who takes the day off so i can play
2. organized teachers
3. friends to chat with on the bus
4. beauty
5. life


  1. Oh my gosh! I really want to visit Chicago now, it looks so pretty and fun!
    I can't believe you ran into someone you know from your blog in the bathroom on the same day at the same time lol, small world!
    Looks like a great day, Such a fun excursion :)

  2. Hi Cindy,

    You are so lucky to go on that trip. Every time I want to go on a field trip with Anna they just use the paras in the school. Looks like it was a fun and beautiful day. A memory to keep forever! I love the picture of the museum looking up. Cool! Most of all I love the sister note! Happy Thursday!

  3. Yes, Cindy, that would freak me out. :) haha. In fact, my fear of heights is so bad that my palms got sweaty just looking at that picture. Seriously.

    Anyway, love these pictures. What a fun day. Chicago looks AMAZING! Also, how neat that you ran into a blog friend, in that place, at that moment. Meeting up like that is so crazy. Love it!

  4. This post made me a little teary--we lived only seven blocks away from Science and Industry when we lived in Chicago. So lucky you got to do all those fun things with your girl.

  5. WOW, what a field trip. Where are they going in 5th grade, Hawaii?

    And I just love that little note from the counter, such sweet sisters.

    And I guess you never know who you'll meet in the bathroom... that is funny.

  6. What an awesome field trip. We loved our visit to Chicago years ago before kids. We really need to plan a road trip. All of the museums are fabulous.
    And a blog friend too...crazy fun!

  7. Chicago looks fun! I've always wanted to try a hot dog from their...with the works! Your field trip looks way more fun than the one I went on on Monday...in the pouring rain! :( Riley's note was really sweet to her sisters!

  8. I LOVE CHICAGO!!! What a fantastic trip!!! And how crazy is that meetup!?? So cool!

    PS...thank you for your sweet comments on the new bookcase. I remember you have those same polka dot totes from Target. :)

  9. Amazing pics with your phone