{Insta Friday Week Three}

here's a little peek at our week
insta-gram style

grabbing a moment for love

chilly and wrapped up after an evening in the sprinkler

pretending to be seals!!:)

she loves wearing these silly 3d glasses.
every tried them on?

library day

that girl loves her everything bagel

almost everytime we come out of panera she says
"i'm just gonna sit right down here a little bit"

party prep

somehow a few extra chocolate chips makes my yogurt a dessert

we play "happy birthday to you"

dress-up too

janey's magic trick

hope your week was a happy one

have a happy day,

head on over for some more insta-gram moments


  1. What sweet pictures Cindy...I like the seal one! Looks like a good ab exercise to me! I can't believe Aubrey like an everything bagel! I would think that's more of an adult kind of taste!
    You asked about my pictures- I edit them in Picasa and picmonkey...sometimes both!

  2. Lovin this whole glimpse at a week you're doing... I think I might join in now that I have a handy dandy little point and shoot! Love the sister love! And the party prep turned butterflies in my tummy since I'm way behind getting things done for Anna's birthday party... I gotta get going on that! Happy Friday Cindy!!! Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for letting us in your happy life! ~tara

  3. Love the seal picture! Looks like you had a great week!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. So many cute pictures! Have a great weekend =)

  5. Do you know the only reason I want a smart phone is for Instagram? It just looks fun! Sweet Aubrey...I love her long locks these days and that she loves the everything bagel! And it looks like you got some great books this week...

  6. Aubrey has the most gorgeous lips. It's really noticeable in the bagel photo. Looks like a happy week. :)

  7. Wonderful pictures! She is growing up so quickly!


  8. I'm trying to catch up here : ) loved all these photos. I just joined Instagram and I think I'm going to like it. Loved your neighbours trampoline in the ground. I've always wanted to do that.