{Egg Drop, Last Lunch and Some Cool Tunes}

dave met janey at school yesterday for her egg drop.
it is a second grade tradition and a fun event.
the kids build a contraption that will keep an egg safe as it flies off the school roof.
they worked on it this weekend and were pretty confident the egg would survive.:)
janey named it the egg drop express.
i love the colored streamers.

dave said she was pretty nervous waiting for mr. c to call her name.

later she told me her bottom was burning sitting on the pavement.:0
so janey.

the time had finally arrived.

no eggs were harmed in the making of these photos.

victory is sweet.


aubrey and i have made it to wednesday lunch with janey almost every week.
today is our last wednesday of the year.
and our last lunch at this school we love so much before she moves on to the "big school".
i signed riley out to join us.
we were hoping to eat outside but it was just too windy.
subway, chips and cookies.


we had a double header soccer game about an hour away this weekend.
dave and riley went early for warm ups and the girls and i followed behind.
while they enjoyed franklin in the backseat i popped one ear bud in, opened up my new pandora app and jammed the little river band station.
the hits just kept on comin!
i was seriously jammin!!
and that's pretty good with only one ear plugged in.

here are some of my faves:
Goodbye Stranger by SuperTramp
Biggest Part of Me by Ambrosia
Cool Change by Little River Bandthis one makes me thing of my baby and how much he misses the ocean
Come Sail Away by STYX
Still the One by Orleans this one reminds me of my parents :)

when i texted my friend these titles she said "oh i don't do oldies!:)"
tell me these are not oldies!!!
oldies are the songs my dad listens to...these are just songs from my childhood....is that technically what an oldie is?!?!:)

hope you enjoy jammin as much as i did.

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. oldies:)
2. sunshine
3. summer on the horizon
4. cookies
5. my daughters friends


  1. Okay, I must be in a sappy mood but that part about "last wedneday lunch before big kid school" really got me! Wow! every week? That's awesome and inspiring! When is the last day of school? We go til June 20th here in CT! Crazy! Happy Wednesday to you Cindy! ~ tara
    PS loved how you signed out Riley for the last lunch too!

  2. What a fun school project! Does that tie in with something they are learning at the moment...or just a fun thing?! So neat that you can go into school and have lunch. We are not allowed to bring fast food into school...and our new principal has "discouraged" parents from coming in for lunch b/c she feels kids should be using that time to socialize with their peers. Whatever.
    I have always though oldies were our parents songs...but I guess we're getting up there! I mentioned Prince to my much younger sister a while back...and she did NOT know who I was talking about!

  3. Did you see the egg drop Modern Family episode? Too funny!

    I try to take my kids lunch every week too...this is making me realize that I will be having my last one with Eden soon. Do they still let the mamas in the middle school??!!

    I LOVE the Little River Band!

  4. I think it's so cool that you did lunch every week. You are so good at sticking with something. I always start off strong, but then I don't always keep something going. I know your girls will look back on these lunches and love that you did this! The egg drop at school sounds like a lot of fun. Oh girl, I do think our music may be oldies now. haha. WE are oldies! :) I know what you're saying though, I always think of my parents music genre as oldies. How did this happen? How did we age? I still feel 16 inside! :)

    Have a great weekend!