{Happy Happy Mother's Day}

i just love this day.
this certainly isn't the only day i feel grateful to be a mom that's for sure....but it's still one of my very favorite days. maybe it has to do with the years of wanting to be part of this day and remembering the struggles it took to get there.....anyway...on with the fun.

dave made scones.

i don't think he has made them since last year which is certainly a good thing/bad thing.
i think i had three.
painfully saying no to a double batch was a good thing.:)

aubrey decided to sleep in till almost 9 this morning....they waited a l.o.n.g. time for those scones.
the ready for presents excitement was pretty evident in the room and i love that.

{believe me...i really don't want to see this many pictures of myself...but the expressions are priceless and seriously crack me up!!:)}

riley's handmade play doh bowl

janey's plant wrapped in my favorite colors and picked because the petals made her think of starlight mints:)

***the one they've been waiting for***

it was a beautiful day with my three little monkeys
and it ended with one of my favorite dinners...
lemon chicken with angel hair and prosciutto wrapped asparagus
eating it outside made it even better.
the day wasn't all smiles and hugs....right after those present shots we had to kick it into high gear to get to a double header soccer game an hour away. bedtime had some grumpy/tired girls in it...big and little and the mama variety too:(
but i know that i am truly blessed and thankful to be a mom
i try not to take it for granted and remember that even in those crazy crazy moments
they are mine
and thank God for that!
happy happy mother's day to all the mamas out there and those that are dreaming of being one too,
and a special happy mother's day to my mom who has been hiking on the AT for two weeks now
really no place she'd rather be i think:)

my very first mother's day


  1. Cindy...this is SOOO sweet! Love those shots of you getting your gifts. It's so fun to see how excited the girls are when they get to GIVE. :) I LOVEEEE your new necklace. Couldn't be more perfect.

    Is that a pic of your mom on your phone? That looks so beautiful and peaceful. What a cool mom you have!

  2. First of all, the picture of your mom and that she is hiking on the AT is just amazing. I love all of the pictures and they are so great, the facial expressions are priceless. You got some great gifts. The playdoh bowl is adorable. You already know how much I love that necklace. What is the candle? I'm curious? I'm always looking out for a new candle.

    I had a great day. Kevin and Boyd forgot a card or anything else, and that is ok, although I had a silent cry over it. How silly is that?! I did get yummy pancakes and a great day with family!

  3. I forgot to say, next Mother's Day can Dave cook for me? I will have 2 of the scones and that dinner as well. :)

  4. I love the pictures of you and the girls...they truly look so excited to to be celebrating YOU! Your scone looks soooo good...and so does your dinner! You are one lucky momma!

  5. I love Mother's Day as well. It is so fun to see the look on their faces as you open the gifts mthey made for you.
    Your dinner looks wonderful

  6. Cindy, Happy Mother's Day to you! I love all of your happy pictures! I'm not posting any of mine because Scott took them all of just me... yuck! I love how yours have the girls in them. Priceless expressions! Love them! I know what you mean about the day... ahh a relaxing morning and then a rush off to kids stuff. We had Anna's viola concert here. But I love the day so much too! It's a sweet one for sure! I love your necklace. Where did it come from? Scott ordered me one from therustedchain online. Nothing like having your girls with you all the time. Thanks for sharing again Cindy. Enjoy your day, tara

  7. Love your new necklace. I have an older one like that and I love it.

    And you haven't changed anything but your hair since you became a mom!

  8. You are beautiful Cindy and a beautiful mum to those precious girls!!
    I seriously want one of those scones right now!! Yummo :)
    Your necklace is absolutely gorgeous, I want one of those too!
    So glad you had a great day :)

  9. Looks like you had an awesome Mother's Day. The necklace is totally awesome as you are! Yep...you got it right...hiking on the AT a place I love to be.