{Camping with Janey}

well another year camping...in the rain.
i'm beginning to think we need to get some really cool rain gear company to sponsor us or something.
they would be adorable cover girls don't ya think?

yes we slept there and
no we didn't have any visitors.
the rain held out till morning.
but it was cooooold.

and breathtakingly beautiful.

they kept the girls busy with lots of activities.

and how many camp outs provide cotton candy?

janey's favorite memories were:
cotton candy
face painting
magic show
archery (she wants one for Christmas?!?!)
star gazing
campfire singing
and she can't wait till next year.
have a happy day,


  1. Such sweet memories Cindy! Lucky Janey to get cotton candy at a camp out. Tent sleeping is for the brave, and I'm not brave! ;) Looks like a great weekend.

  2. You are mother of the year in my book, Cindy! I avoid any outdoor activities like the plague...but I am queen of the bakery and library field trips! Does that count? : ) Happy Sunday evening and keep warm!

  3. I agree with Billie Jo...you ROCK! Camping in the rain? Ugh! But you are a trooper and Janey will always remember these fun camping trips you do every year. Glad it was fun for you both...and you survived!

  4. Oh I LOVE that picture of the tent and the georgeous trees in the background. Beautiful! You REALLY slept in there?! Mom of the year award!!! Of course we'll do anything to make memories with our girls, won't we? Looks like this weekend had some special memories that you and Janey could never forget!