{Me and Jane}

janey and i are heading off on our yearly fall girl scout camping adventure.
our sleeping bags are packed along with extra blankets and gloves.
it's gonna be a cold one.
and we're in a tent.
i can deal with the cold as long as some creepy crawly critter doesn't decide to jump in with us to keep warm.
that might be grounds for sleeping in the car.:)
i hope what ever your weekend brings it is warm and cozy...without any uninvited guests.

...happiest moment of the day so far...
being ready for the trip with a moment left over to breathe...and post!:)

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. a new sleeping bag
2. fun friends to carpool with
3. sunshine and little rain in the forecast
4. aubrey was a dream today
5. it's friday


  1. Have funnnnn, friend! Enjoy that one on one time. And smores, maybe?? : )

  2. Have a great time making sweet memories with your lovely little girl!