today was a good day.
staying home.
speed cleaning four bathrooms.
snuggling a sweetie with a wee bit of a cough and
enjoying the sunshine.

while driving with aubrey today she says,
"mom...say why aren't you talking aubrey?" (do you kids ever do that...tell you what to say?)
me: why aren't you talking aubrey?
aubrey: cause i'm thinking.
me: what are you thinking about?
aubrey: daddy.....why the leaves are falling....and what it feels like to be a turtle.
me: wow...that's a lot to think about
aubrey: i know that's why i'm not talking

alrighty then.

i had a super smoothie this am.
i have started making them in the afternoon as well.
why the heck not.
i usually give them fruit and yogurt after school anyway so why not make it portable.

check out this guy.
he is my new smoothie guru.
he adds a lot of powder and stuff i have no idea about, but i bet it's healthy!
it's a 9 minute video so only watch it if you're really into smoothies.:)

the girls have dance tonight and dave is out of town.
so it looks like pasta for the girls and leftovers for me.

the leaves are changing so fast now.
i have got to get out this weekend for a photo shoot.
i feel like tara...time's a tickin.

and speaking of tara...please try this soup.
so super delicious.
and super easy...i made it for dinner last week.
yes i said "I".

this is what we were treated to on the way home from dance.

things got a little hairy tonight after dinner.
trying to get aubrey through her bath.
giving last minute homework help to janey.
all the basics really just doing them on my own.

i came downstairs to find a glass of orange juice and this note waiting for me.

i love my girls.

it's been a good day but about now i've got my sights set on 8:30.
the sofa, my mint chocolate chip ice cream and maybe this movie.
seen it?

...happiest moment of the day so far...
finding this on riley's nightstand

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. boiling water and pasta
2. beautiful sunsets
3. homemade cards
4. an unexpected gift from a friend
5. a big salad for lunch


  1. I cleaned today too, Cindy...and snuggled with a little one : ) Flynn has just started telling us what to say and we have conversations just like yours and Aubreys...sooo cute!

    Your picture of the fall tree is beautiful...and like I told Tara...our trees are all but bare now : (

    It is indeed hard going it alone...your girls are so sweet! love the note!!! Happy Wednesday, friend!

  2. Thanks Cindy!!!! I got goosebumps with the note your girls left you. Flying solo (especially in the evenings) IS stressful. I try to cut myself a little slack when I'm alone. I know I'm not going to mom of the year. I might yell a bit, be more frazzled, and I've gotten to the point that I'm okay with that (as long as it's not every time Scott's late at work). Love the smoothie idea. Been away from them for too long... time to try them out again! So easy and healthy!

    I have to send Dave an email one of these days about his pizza. I seriously crave it all week waiting til Saturday! Got take out pizza last night from "the best" (pricey) place in town and it doesn't hold a candle to Dave's! I'll be making it forever!

    Hope Aubrey isn't getting sick! Lay low and enjoy a day at home!

  3. Okay,,,, so I was solo tonight. Not my mom of the year night and I'm not okay with it. Yelled at Abigail for crying too much. Why was she crying off and on since 2:00? Had a fit about the messy house. Oh if I could do this night over I'd forget the mess, hold the crying (kind of a pain) Abigail, play games with them and just relax. Remind me next time k?

  4. Our evenings can be like a war zone. I have to be so careful not to lose it and make things worse. I love your sweet note from the girls. Speed cleaning bathrooms...the only way to get it done.