{Fall at our Place}

fall is my favorite time of year.
we don't have a ton of fall decor, but what we have i truly love.
come on in and check out some of our fall goodies.

::kitchen and dining room tables::

i saw the idea of hanging up old halloween pics here.
the girls just love looking at them all.
we might need a new plan next year...we are running out of room.
did you see this?
i sooooo want to do it and as soon as those letters go 50% off at hobby lobby i will.

::family room:
i love the new pillows and throw i got this year at target.
it has blue in it which is hard to find in fall and i think it looks good with the picture wall.
we keep the cutie out all year too.

::kiddie stuff::
homemade banner from my mom and calendar from riley:)

::front porch::
dave's genius spider web looks amazing from the street

so there you have it...all the fall...we have a few halloween goodies that never made it out this year.
maybe next year.
it has pretty much looked like this year after year but here are some posts from the past.:)
 have a happy day,


  1. Ohhhh...love it Cindy! Thank you for sharing pics of all the fall in your home! I have that exact same BOO decoration that you have on your mantle...and is that Dragon's Halloween peeking out of your book basket? Am I freaking you out yet? : ) Beautiful mums too! Happy happy Thursday friend...

  2. Love all your decorations, the house looks so festive and fun!

  3. Love your decorations. I love white pumpkins. I love fall as well but the weather here has been so strange that I am having a hard time getting in the mood this year. It looks like fall will come back here next week.

  4. oh I just want to come over and hang out in your cozy fall house! You did a BEAUTIFUL job Cindy. I love all of the sweet touches! Thanks for taking pictures... it's inspiring! I love the mantle with the lace and the pumpkins. I love the white ones too! And a basket of books... can't go wrong... always warms the heart beacuase it invites little ones to curl up and "read". Love that! I told Scott that even when Abigail grows out of Biscuit seasonal books I'm still displaying them! I love love love your house! PS, dave is so creative! I still have to do my front steps. Love the stools that hold the mums! Happy Friday, tara

  5. I love all of your fall touches Cindy. I went out looking for a few Halloween decorations today, but just can't find anything...they are all gone. I really love your cloth pumpkin, the owl, the white pumpkins, and the books! Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Your Fall decor is just lovely, I love the cozy feel it gives to a home. As we don't have Thanksgiving here in Australia, nor do we associate pumpkins with Autumn because our Autumn is March, April, May, I can't decorate like this :(