{Insta Friday :: week 18}

::happy Friday friends::
it's a rainy one here.
but today i am determined to keep my mood unaffected by this cruddy weather!:)
aubrey and i are trying to take on the world today.
so far we have cleaned two bathroom, vacuumed, washed crib sheets and put laundry away.
all while playing play-doh, babies, school, doggie and horsie.
i'll tell ya...i can change gears and multitask like no other.
i know that's not always a good thing, but i think it's the only way the house would get clean!:)
::here's a peek at our week::

 shopping hugs from daddy are the best.
look what these two tackled together.
shiny, sparkly windows.
now that's love.
wednesday night dave and riley had a late night soccer game about an hour away.
that didn't really work for a three year old so we stayed home.
we had a dinner picnic at the park.
the weather was perfect.

 throwing sticks and dandelions in the water kept them quite busy.

trying to get all three of us squeezed into this shot was comical.
hence the giggly smiley faces!!:)
every night Aubrey puts baby kate's  jammies on, reads her a book and sings her lullabies before tucking her in.
melt my mama heart.
all paperwork turned in.
it's official.
how can this sweet little baby be ready for school?
when we took riley out for lunch, Aubrey said she wanted to hold her hand the whole way.
that made riley smile.
i know we do this all the time.
and i know you must be sick of hearing about it by now...:)...but i really look forward to these moments every week. thursday morning i actually thought "i can't wait to see riley for lunch!" i hope we keep this tradition up for a very long time.
when i go back to work someday (!) i know this is one thing i'm gonna miss the most.
she makes her own lunch...maybe she is ready for school!:)

 trouble and strawberry milkshakes before bed.
and just so you don't think everything is always smiley around here...these two got in a bit of trouble of their own right after this shot...!!
this weekend our soccer tournament was cancelled...again!
darn that rainy spring.
maybe curtains?
maybe a painting project?
hope your week was a wonderful one,


  1. What a busy morning you've had...I've been tied up with summer activity paperwork...whew! It does feel good to get it all done and mailed off and on the calendar!

  2. Dang girl...you went wild today! All that PLUS the dreaded crib sheets? You know how much I love babes in cribs....but changing the sheets? Not so much! Enjoy your weekend dear friend...!

  3. Hi Cindy! You did it! You got your week pictures out! I totally copied you and I love the feeling of getting those random pictures on the blog. Memories not lost. Sorry about the rain. We haven't had any rain for a month. I hoping that all of this no rain doesn't mean it will rain on Abigail's party day.

    Ok... so you caught me off guard with the go back to work someday. I hate to even think about it so I don't... really... but it does come up in conversation here once in a while. Do you think you'd go back to teaching? Someday I feel like I could teach again but I could never work out the details of mornings and afternoons with them. I just won't let anyone else do that part. Scott thinks that when the time is right it'll feel right; sure hope it "doesn't feel right" for quite some time.

    Anyway, love the lovely photos. Love the matching jammies. Love the shopping hugs and the cleaning windows. Good luck getting to your curtains... I have a photo shoot tomorrow afternoon (an 8 year old boy... I don't have any idea how to converse with an 8 year old boy... yikes) so I know I won't get to it this weekend.

    And the crib sheets... well you know I'm gona say that I miss them... I do... and I still have them folded and in her closet along with the mobile... just in case...

    Have a happy weekend, tara

  4. I want to be more like you...I take pictures, but you capture moments & feelings. Your pics are great! I can't imagine your girls getting into trouble....I think you are just making that up!
    By the way, is Janey sprouting up all of a sudden? She looks so tall walking across the bridge with Aubrey!

  5. I love your posts that describe your weeks, you guys are such an adorable family, the kind of family I would love to have as friends in person! You keep it real on your blog and I love that about you :) Such sweet pictures, you truly capture all the beauty that surrounds you Cindy! Have another great week!!