{Weekend Glimpses}

hello, hello
how was your weekend?
ours was rather quiet as far as weekends go.
and that's a good thing...cause this week ahead of us is a doozie.

riley had a birthday party/sleepover with one of her sweet friends.
i am so very grateful for the wonderful friends our girls have.
awesome friends are so important.

we took walks and rode our bikes.
did a little yard work and a little cleaning.
spent about three hours in the girls rooms, boxing up clothes that no longer fit and organizing and cleaning and fluffing. love doing that...but it's one of those jobs that gets waaaaay worse before it gets better and seeing everything all over the floor wigs me out there for a bit.:)

bought the paint for that painting project...but that's as far as we got.
thought about hemming those curtains and made a plan...but that's as far as we got.:)
there's always next weekend right?
oh wait...that's mother's day...never mind!:)

we did eat amazingly well.
but that's really nothing new.

dave took a brisket, put his magic dry rub all over it and after it sat over night he ground it up and made it into patties, smoked it, then finished them on the grill.

we also had these...zucchini slices dipped in an egg wash then rolled in equal parts parmesan and panko bread crumbs.
baked till crispy and yummy.

oh and yummy pizza too.

you see why I can't skip a day on the treadmill right?

hope our weekend was a wonderful one,


  1. Know exactly what you mean about the drawers, Cindy...I love that job...dumping, sorting, folding...but you are right! In the middle, if I stop and rest for even a moment, I get freeeaked out!

    And that food... really? That's it...I'm coming over...do you take reservations? ; )

    Have a nice week, friend!

  2. I love those kind of weekends!
    Your dinners look WONDERFUL!
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Oh I love your kind of weekend... good food, good times, and bit around the house. I soooo know what you mean about 'getting way worse before it gets better.' I can get so overwhelmed when I dive into a cleaning project. Oh, I want that pizza! Have a great doozie of a week friend, tara

  4. I always make plans to do things too like painting, craft or purging etc, my intentions are always good, my actions not so much :) Good to hear you had a lovely weekend!