it's beautiful today.
73 and sunny.
we ran around all morning after drop off and landed right back at school just in time
to get riley for lunch.
straight to the park for a shared cherry berry chiller (and a chocolate milk shake for me...it was one of those mornings!)
 some wish making.

and a good game of chase.
aubrey sang this song the whole time.
catchy little number huh?
i remember chasing riley and janey around the dining room table to this song
when they were that age.

off to pick up the big girls from school...and we have dessert all ready...
"yellow circle muffins and a heart cookie in the center to celebrate the day!"
now that's perfect!
have a happy day,


  1. Love days like that! The weatherman said it would rain...but it gorgeous here too!

  2. I love how you always see the joy in even the hard days.

    I am working on a series of posts about education, and I was wondering what your perspective is on tracking, differentiation, and adapting classrooms to fit abilities. I especially love getting the perspective of teachers and former teachers.

    So if you have a sec, drop me an email.


  3. Cindy...is it creepy to say that I just love your life? ; )

  4. We're all doing a ton of running around these days... it's May! Phew... I sure know how you feel... and I sooooo love that song!!!!! Love your day! Was that first picture taken with you phone? Crystal clear!!!! Love it! Happy night friend, tara

  5. What a sweet day you girls had Cindy! These are beautiful pictures, precious moments to always treasure. Glad you are having wonderful weather, enjoy!

  6. Love the dandelion picture! It looks like a really happy day :). Hope the weather stays good over there, and enjoy!