the big girls bounced out of bed this morning. (had to wake up aubrey...poor thing...she's got the sniffles)
i think it was the thought of 50 degree temps and wearing capris that did the trick.

dave made another egg casserole for the week and cut a big platter of veggies for lunches. this post really inspired me. i agree with all of it...not that i do all of it mind you.  but that early morning workout thing...100%!!! if i don't do it early chances are it won't get done! i saw this workout in a magazine awhile back and checked out the dvd's from our library and i love it! very fast paced...and motivational. you hardly notice the 57 minutes!!:)

signed the girls out from school early for dentist appointments today.
the girls have an awesome dentist so that makes it not so bad.
aubrey has gone along for the ride for a few years now but today was the first time she actually hopped up in the chair on her own for a cleaning!! i was so impressed! and a bit surprised actually! she kept smiling and bouncing her new shoes on the seat and giving me the thumbs up sign! it was precious. of course she has three of us watching and ooohing and ahhhing over her...."ahhhh...isn't she soooo sweet?!"

we came home to daddy installing our new microwave,
um...why does everything in the house seem to break at the same time?!:)
dinner in the oven and the windows open.

i guess spring really is in the air?

have a lovely day,

enjoy this dancing in the kitchen song



  1. Hi Cindy, oh my gosh... yes that sure is spring in your backyard. Bare foot toes showing... oh my! Feels like we are soooo far from that here. But spring is like that isn't it? Cold one day, warm the next, back to the cold. We'll take a sunshiny outdoor day when ever we can, right? Love your motivation for eating right. You rock! And the 57 minutes... still will always feel like 57 minutes to me :) ~ tara have a happy Wednesday! xoxoxo

  2. Those trampoline pictures! They're just brimming with excitement, ha ha, I love it! And I'm really impressed with Aubrey for feeling so comfortable at the dentist's. Good for her :) (and for you!). Have a nice day!

    1. Such a big girl right?!;) and that trampoline was the BEST investment we ever made!!;)
      Have a great day Bee

  3. Yes, every household appliance does seem to break at once! :)
    I just love your trampoline and how you have it in the ground. I wish we could do that here! I am sure your girls just love it.
    I wish I could get motivated to work out in the mornings. I need to do it. I might start! Tell me your secrets?!