a happy weekend it was.
how was yours?
do anything exciting?

we ran a few errands, took aubrey to the pet store to "look" (even though we did hear a few pleas for bunnies, and fish), and just basically hung out on saturday.

dave made these sunday morning.

oh my they were yummy and pretty much gone in an instant!
he used wheat flour instead of all purpose and made them into muffins for more popability! next time we are going to try adding some flax meal and cutting down the sugar a bit. janey doesn't like blueberries so we always have to make a few without for her. wish we could puree the blueberries and add them that way. anyone ever try that?

after luunch i took the big girls out to get some spring shoes.
cause from what i hear...spring is near!
they paid for half and i think that made it all the sweeter for them.
nothing like shopping, comparing prices and parting with that hard earned cash to make your purchase mean a little more.

notice riley's tom's look a little different...she noticed later that the stitching doesn't match...ugh...back to the store for us!

aubrey got a new to her pair too.
hard to believe janey was wearing these in kindergarten the year aubrey was born.

here's a happy new shoes song for ya.
and yes we danced to that one in the kitchen.
now i want some new shoes!:)

can you feel the quiet?

so impressed with the junior high study habits we are seeing.
she cares so much about her grades and that makes me happy.

we finished flora and ulysses and now we are on to this new nightly read aloud.
so far we love it!!

hope your weekend was a lovely one,

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  1. lovely lovely lovely
    Your pics always show "Home" to me!
    Have a cozy day...sunny and 50 today. Snow and teens tomorrow. Such is March!