sure felt like it today.
an abundance of sunshine.
blue skies.
and a certain spring in our step that only this time of year can bring.

we had some company at mocha friday today.
our dear sweet friends angela and brooke.
so good to sit and chat over lunch while the girls played with sofia magnets and sticker books.

do you have a friend that makes you feel so happy whenever you are around them?
proud to be a mommy and a woman for that matter?
cherish them and go have lunch together...you'll be happy you did.

we stopped by our snowy park for some quick play and fresh air.
i love playing outside when there is snow all over the ground...yet it's warm and sunny. the perfect wintry play if you ask me!:)

monkey bars.
curly slides.
tunnels to climb on. 
crunchy snow to stomp in.
and good friends.

have a lovely day,


  1. Love! And I would be crashing that party if I lived anywhere close. ; )

  2. I'm with ya Billie Jo... crashing that party for sure!!! :)