{Squishy Little Sweetie}

this is how my computer greeted me this morning.

sweet little riley.
so tiny right?
she was only 5.9 when she was born 5 weeks early.
oh i wish i could reach right in there and scoop her squishy little body up.
kiss her head, put my check near hers and breathe in deeeeeeep!

have a lovely day,

we still have tea parties on that blankie and
she still sleeps with that ducky...the first stuffed animal we ever bought. dave got her from the hallmark near our house in fl and he laid in riley's crib for months...just waiting to be loved!!:)

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  1. Bitter sweet those 'oldies but goodies' right? We all love to see them but aren't they so hard to see at the same time? :) What a little sweet baby you had. Confession... sometimes I hold Anna close, close my eyes, put my nose on her cheek or bury my face in her hair and just for a second breathe in deep and pretend she's still a baby. If I concentrate, really concentrate (and she's not talking) it works. :) Happy mocha Friday! xoxoxo