time in a quiet house.
mall pretzel with my sweetie.

waaaay too many escalotor rides.
just because.
yes, we are crazy like that.

 a rainbow treat.

pink castles where everyone takes a nap.

and this song.

heard it while we were enjoying our pretzel.
just had to sing along.
i know i'm dating myself here...but go ahead and date yourself along with me and tell me you LOVE this song like i do!
and for today it couldn't have been more perfect!

have a lovely day,


  1. What's wrong with me today? I teared up (okay... cried) when I saw the one of your feet with hers on the escalator. I love motherhood, friendship, little ones still home with their mama, little girls, pink headbands, pink castles with princesses sleeping, sweet treats at the mall, and someone who knows she's got it good. ~ a happy place this blog is ~ So glad to visit it! xoxoxoxox ~tara

  2. I wish Pete and I could have met you at the mall...love a good pretzel. Love reading your blog Cindy:)