that big snowstorm we were supposed to get...the one that might thrill the girls with a snow day on monday...ehhh...not so much! we still did all the good "snow day" cooking and baking though. 

love this egg casserole recipe dave found. 
super yummy, packed with protein and it reheated so nicely we got several good mornings out of it. a make ahead keeper for sure!

we had some good quite time this weekend.
lots of game playing and hanging out.
chatting with this one in the morning for hours.
i just love her so much.
i had to snap a picture at that very moment.
i think right after that she said "mom, will you help me clean a bit in here...this mess is starting to get to me!":) that's my girl.:)

this one is cracking me up with her stories lately.
and they are elaborate too.
big sleepovers with ellie (her imaginary friend who doubles as her little sister sometimes) and trips to the beach and sneaking into closets to find creatures hidden behind the coat hangers. i seriously can't keep up with that imagination but oh how i love it. ellie sleeps on the "bunk" above aubrey these days and every night we have to read to her and sing to her and tuck her in.
it's like having twins for goodness sakes!
(and for the record...twin girls...heaven!!)

designing dream homes.

grilled chicken
crispy tortilla
sour cream
homemade pico
homemade quac.

aubrey went to a birthday party on sunday.
she was so, so, SO excited!
i think the biggest thrill for her was actually giving her little friend her gift.
she waited so patiently for it to be her turn to go up and sit with her while she opened her present. she was beaming and giggling. it was the sweetest.

janey still loves when i read to her every night.
truth is, i love it too and hope it never ends.
have you read this one yet?
it won the newbery award this year and it is amazing!!
we finished it on sunday and i have to admit...i teared up a bit!
such a fantastic story!

so, what did you do this weekend?
hope it was happy.

have a lovely day,

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  1. You always capture the sweetest pictures of your girls!
    Dave emailed me a few days ago for the chile rellenos recipe, and he mentioned this egg casserole, so I came looking for it. I'm definitely going to make it. It looks delicious!
    That tostada looks heavenly too!