{A Picnic, and Jane}

today was so beautiful!
like i "almost want to light a pumpkin spice candle" kind of beautiful! we woke up to 52 degrees and zero humidity.
windows were open.
sky was blue and cloudless.
picnic basket was packed.
we were park bound and we couldn't wait.
(although we did have to wait for our late sleeper...riley didn't come down till 10:45...that's 12+ hours of sleep...kind of newborn-ish if you ask me!!:))

after three back-to-school haircuts we were off to check out the 5th grade class lists! janey was so excited and nervous. me too! as usual.

riley already spotted jane's name on the list we were hoping for! at first jane was all smiles and giggles....

then after looking at the list more closely and realizing that her bff was no longer in her class...and she didn't see any real girls she knew or had connected with before...her face turned to this.

and that just breaks a mama's heart!
searching for the right words and just giving her hugs, kisses and some space. praying for a smile tomorrow. and having a feeling it will come.

hope your day was happy, 
and filled with little things to love,


  1. Oh Cindy...
    The heart break of a mommy's heart when her girl is hurting.
    I know that sweet smile will connect with a new friend, but I know how scary that seems for her.
    Hugs, my friend!

  2. Nicolas and Juliana went back to school today so I too am ready to bring on Fall...I even picked up a pumpkin candle.
    I love that you are back posting!!
    Hope you had a great Wednesday!

  3. I love your picnic at the park pictures and the happy faces seeing their teachers. But oh man that sad one of Janey, sigh... wish that list could have been perfect all around.

  4. Oh, Janey's face in that one picture…I can imagine, it's always so tough to go to a new class without your best friend and without knowing most of the other kids there.

    I hope that she'll be more like the first (giggling) picture once the semester is under way. I'm sure she will! :) Hang in there, Janey! Give it your best shot - and who knows what awesome new person you'll meet this year!

  5. I hope that Janey is smiling by now! Love the picnic and the nice weather. I am at that point where I can taste fall....I can't wait. xo