it happened to us again.
most of you probably won't remember this post, but we've been down this road before.

the email came through on my phone at 2:53 that class lists were posted and we had our shoes on and were out the door in about 4 minutes.

as we were leaving in an excited flurry...janey said, "mom, remember just like you told me...it's already done...the sign is already hanging...all we need to do is read it."  then she prayed..."Lord let this teacher be the perfect match for aubrey." wow. i guess sometimes they do listen and remember. and wow. maybe i should practice what i preach a bit better!

as i came up from behind all i heard riley say was "aubrey you have ava in your class!!!" (the one girl from our small town that went to her preschool in the nearby city) then i saw the big girls faces as they watched me read the sign that said...new teacher...tba. then they kept looking at me for a response...and followed it up with "mom are you ok?" in that split second i knew they were watching me and waiting for my reaction. i hid it well. for aubrey. and just smiled and called her the mystery surprise teacher and focused on the friend. but i have to admit that as aubrey scurried away to look for the playground, my eyes welled up with tears.

all i could think of was "why".
why after the letter i wrote about her sensitivities and her shy nature would they pick her to be in the new teacher's class.
why with her peanut allergy that requires a special pre-school meeting with the teacher and nurse would they pick her to be in the new teacher's class?
why with us being 1 of  maybe 5 families out of 250 still opting for the half day program would they pick her to be in the new teacher's class?

but i guess as janey reminded me, we don't always know why and we just have to have faith.
after many supportive words and a good nights sleep, we are good. it is what it is and we will make the best of it. and we will continue to pray for the perfect teacher for aubrey.

so...teacher's name tba.
but smiley, awesome, amazing, giggly, loved like crazy, melt your heart kindergartner we know for sure!



  1. Yes...
    Those moments break a mommy's heart...
    And the only thing that kept running through my mind as I read this was this...
    "Sometimes God sends us blessings in disguise."
    Hugs.For both of you!

  2. Ugh, that's tricky...

    But perhaps this will turn out to be the best teacher ever. You just never know! :) Have faith, indeed. And I wish everyone a wonderful new school year!

  3. Cindy! My heart goes out to you. We want things a certain way for our kids. We work so hard for them and do what's best for them, and then sometimes things make our hearts break a little. I hope and pray that things turn out well. I have a feeling that they will, but it's just a waiting game and I know that gives us mamas some anxiety. Love you friend. xo

  4. You are rockin that camera Cindy!!! Loving all these posts you've been doing and seeing your daily life these last weeks of summer. You sure are making it special for your girls! Sigh... why oh why can't us mamas just go into those schools and sit with the teachers as they plan out their classes and help them along a little???!!! I just know you're going to get the most magical teacher ever and Aubrey is going to cry her eyes out on the last day of school. I'm crossing my fingers she's just like "Snow White"!