{Happy Mommy's Day}

how was your special day?
mine was beautiful.
a bit rushed and crazy at moments.
but beautiful.

started our morning with our traditional chocolate chip scones
and a sprint to church.
i think everyone was tired from the day before so we had a few slow movers.
a quick turn around lunch then off to a soccer game.

these two are pretty good at amusing themselves on the sidelines.

until the tickle monster attacks and the squeals are really loud!

wish we had the same luck as last year's mothers day game...but we didn't.
tough loss....but they played amazing.

just look at my mighty little defender.

and she even brings flowers.
(gotta hand it to that coach!:))

we came home from soccer and went to barnes and noble of all places.
they were having a sale...a big sale...on their nooks and the girls have been saving their money since january. i would have just grabbed them earlier that week on my own, but there were two different sizes and colors and loads of case options...yada yada yada... so i had to bring them along.
we discussed how we were buying them early since they were $90 off...but that they still had to keep saving until they could buy them from us and actually have them to play with.:)

maybe that was a silly idea to begin with.
made sense to me.
but i'm not a kid.
some of us were fine with waiting and being patient.
some of us...not so much.

...moving on...

just look at those skies!
the weather could not have been more perfect.
most of us played outside while daddy finished up dinner.


and what an amazing dinner it was.
he used our favorite salsa verde recipe to make enchiladas.
words can seriously not describe!

better then you've ever had in a restaurant.
i guarantee it!
these three.

i can't imagine loving them more.
homemade cards and gifts on mother's day.
the best.
look at janey:)
...and there she goes...my last kisser...
i think she missed out on telling me the handmade gift stories so she had the cutest little story about helping daddy pick out the birdhouse and wind chime.
jane's beggin for one.
i think riley looks content with the bubble wrap.:)
three of my greatest blessings right.
i just love being a mom.

hope your mama's day was filled with love,
happy mama's day to my own amazing mom
who isn't hiking the trail this year but she was still out there rebuilding steps and marking trails.
happy mama's day to you.
thank you for being on this amazing journey with me and for encouraging me and laughing with me
along the way.
and a special mother's day to all of you who are saddened by this day.
maybe you are missing your mom, or your children, or the children you never had.
my heart goes out to you.


  1. Such a sweet post Cindy, especially at the end, where you talked about your mama, and those who may be sad on this day. I love your pictures. You look so beautiful and I know your girls are the loves of your life. I will take some scones, and some of those enchiladas. Thank you. :)

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Love that your Mother's Day was sooo sweet, Cindy...fitting for a super sweet mom like you! Have a great day, friend!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day Cindy! I love the pictures of you and the girls while you open your gifts.
    Your dinner looks wonderful!!

  4. Looks like a GREAT day!!! That dinner looks AMAZING!!

  5. ok... what's the deal? How come you look so young in those pics of you and your girls? Looks like you got a facial or something or is it your hair? Seriously... you look awesome! Anyway, love the pics, all of them. I'm glad it was a happy day for you! Love the one of Riley running off the field with a flower for you. And that little people noah's ark.. we have that. Oh I remember when Abigail loved that toy! Happy mothers day to you. ~tara