{A Sleepover}

the girls had their first sleep over this summer.
it was our dear sweet friend and neighbor who moved away in june.
she practically grew up with us and we miss her dearly.
we still keep expecting to hear her knocking on our back door to play.

it was a fun, fun night.


{Insta Friday Week four}

here's a little peek at our week
instagram style


yummy breakfast


shaking those sillies out

first summer day at the park


we "work" in the summer too:)


seeking shade

sneaky no-shoe park rebel

singing adele

must be summer

hope your week was a happy one.
have a happy day,

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{Summer List 2012}

we are officially on summer break and i must say the first two days have been rather glorious!
they have been slow, peaceful and easy.
can't complain about that.

we managed to recover from the teary report card pick-up thursday morning.
i saw janey sitting on the floor with her class listening to her second grade teacher for the last time...i could tell she was about to lose it then i felt myself about to lose it and then it was all over! the water works began:( we love that little school and we will miss it terribly till aubrey is in first grade...but lets not even start thinking about that yet k?:)

walking up the front sidewalk for the last time as a student there.

big sister offering comfort...she's been there too:(

thursday evening we headed out to dinner to celebrate the end of summer like we typically do.
ruby tuesdays again.
honestly...it really wasn't that good for us tonight.:(
every time we go out i think goodness why are we spending money on this when the best cook in the world can cook anything in the world right in our own home. i know it is the experience of it all that matters too...sitting and relaxing....no dishes to clean....everyone in one place focusing on each other for more then 10 minutes like at home...so it's all good i guess:)

my absolute fav!!!

we dreamt about our summer and started making plans.

i think it's gonna be a good one.

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. a hubby who is, as i type, washing the windows:)
2. mini red velvet cupcakes
3. baskets full of clean laundry
4. slow mornings
5. my new song...if this isn't summer i don't know what is:)


{Last Day of School}

we made it!
other then picking up our report cards tomorrow morning...we are officially on summer break!!
i have packed my last lunchbox for a few months and that feels good!!

this feels like yesterday

bright eyed and ready to start a new year.

today we are a bit blurry eyed and ready to start the fun of summer:)

it was a good year!!!


fourth grade with Miss. S
best friends: Kayla, Carly, Alexis, Jillian, Annie and Mara
bestest friend: Paige
favorite field trip: Chicago
favorite class party: End of the Year
favorite memory: skydeck in Chicago
most challenging moment: adding fractions
tough to say goodbye because: I had such a great teacher


second grade with Mrs. F
best friends: Kate, Klein, Catie, Megan B. , Megan H.
bestest friend: Kelli
favorite field trip: Decatur Zoo
favorite class party: Hallowen
favorite memory: my teacher
most challenging moment: so many spelling tests
tough to say goodbye because: I will miss EVERYTHING

aubrey wanted her picture taken because we were on our way to the library for "library school" 


daddy was at work so the girls had fun passing the camera around.

this summer i am looking forward to:
more time to enjoy these three
morning neighborhood walks and trips to our park
tackling a few to-do's:)
trips to the library
a real date:)
visiting family and friends
visiting the beach

i have a feeling it is going to be a great summer!
come back tomorrow for our summer list.:)

have a happy day,

last day of school 2011
last day of school 2010


{Farewell to Monday Mornings}

sometimes you gotta grab dates where you can right?
today is our last official monday with only one sweetie on board till school starts up again.
dave has been working 4 tens for so long now
i don't know if i could go back to a "regular schedule".

we did our typical monday things.
singing kids songs in the car
grocery shopping
singing kids songs in the car
putting away the groceries together
keeping aubrey happy
keeping aubrey happy:)
you get the picture
but we did manage to sneak in a trip to our favorite mexican restaurant for lunch.

aubrey is our salsa eating princess so she is always happy as a clam here.

unless i ask her to smile and interrupt her salsa eating.
she usually gets her own bowl and eats every drop.

till her tamale comes that is.

thanks for a great date day baby.
i'll see you again right here in about 12 weeks:)

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. dates...of any kind
2. checking things off my list
3. girlfriends
4. my mom's home safely
5. a beautiful sunset


{Insta Friday Week Three}

here's a little peek at our week
insta-gram style

grabbing a moment for love

chilly and wrapped up after an evening in the sprinkler

pretending to be seals!!:)

she loves wearing these silly 3d glasses.
every tried them on?

library day

that girl loves her everything bagel

almost everytime we come out of panera she says
"i'm just gonna sit right down here a little bit"

party prep

somehow a few extra chocolate chips makes my yogurt a dessert

we play "happy birthday to you"

dress-up too

janey's magic trick

hope your week was a happy one

have a happy day,

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i was so excited to be able to go on the chicago trip with the fourth graders this year.
i went to indy with them last year and that was a blast, but chicago....well it's chicago ya know!

5:30 am was our school meeting time.
riley loved that i got to wake just her up early.
janey...not so much.
she wanted me to wake her up too so she could get in bed with daddy.
i told her good mommies don't wake their sleeping children up unless they absolutely have to.
she didn't like that answer one bit.

this is the note riley left on the island for her sissies.

we rode a school bus to indy.
the charter bus made this trip all the sweeter.

i only used my phone to take pictures.
i wanted to stare around in awe and snap a ton.
but having to keep your eyes on wandering 4th graders in the big city will scare that right outta ya!

our first stop was the museum of science and industry.
we have to visit this place again as a family.
amazing doesn't even begin to describe it.

we only had a short time here and a big chunk of it was unfortunately spent in the gift shop :)
and in line for the flight simulator...a must on every fourth graders list.:)
please visit this place with your family if you can.

wanna hear my crazy museum story??
i took my group to the restrooms and while i was washing my hands i see these 3 little ones i totally recognize waiting by the sink. you know that feeling when you are searching for the connection but you can't find it. you know these faces but they are totally in the "wrong place". then it hit me!!! my bloggy friend lauren! she steps out of the stall (sorry lauren) and i was like OH MY GOODNESS LAUREN!!!  i had that momentary thought of what if she doesn't recognize me...but she did and we hugged and did the "this is crazy" thing! she is just as beautiful and sweet in person as i knew she would be and i so wished we had run into each other on a different day and time.  i really wanted to chat.

so...moral of the story...visit the museum and don't forget to check out the bathrooms...you never know who you might meet.

our next stop was the buckingham fountain for lunch.
the weather was so gorgeous that day.
we ate, ran off steam and tried not to signal the birds.

are you humming the song from married with children??;)

we jumped on the bus for a drive down michigan avenue on our way to the architectural boat tour.

the tour was over an hour long and extremely interesting.
a lot of history about the chicago fire and how it changed the landscape of the river and brought about the chicago we know today.
my dad would have loved it.

next stop willis tower.

wow was all i could manage.
that and crazy!

look down...
the willis tower is over 1450 feet high with 110 stories.
tallest building in the western hemisphere.
(nicolle would this freak you out!?!?:))
the elevator was freaky fast.
but i guess it would have to be right?

we finally headed to the bus for our long rush hour drive home.
it was such a wonderful adventure packed day.
and i'm so thankful i got to be a part of it.
i cannot wait to get back to that city.
but next time with just us.:)

have a happy day,

{thankful for}
1. a hubby who takes the day off so i can play
2. organized teachers
3. friends to chat with on the bus
4. beauty
5. life